Reputation takes years to build but only seconds to destroy, which is why every item sold on our site is subjected to a rigorous authentication process.

We authenticate our products both qualitatively and quantitatively:

Qualitative means our team's experience with specific branded items over many years. This is important because as counterfeiters improve in skill, the best indicators of a counterfeit are difficult to teach, such as the smell of an item or the way the leather feels or sounds when it is manipulated.

Quantitative means our proprietary database of technical measures which we organize by brand, type of item and age to check against as we process each item. If we are uncertain about a particular product, we refer to our network of experts to get a second opinion.

We have a very high confidence in our ability to authenticate most brands and types of items. As a result, we proudly offer an unlimited authenticity guarantee: if your purchase is ever determined to be a counterfeit, you get your money back. Period.

Importantly, we are the only business of our kind in that is licensed by the police under the Secondhand Goods Dealers Act, another reason why you should have confidence that you're dealing with professionals operating at the highest standards.

Please read our Terms of Service and Buyer's Terms for more information.