Vintage Luxury Fashion Singapore | Team - THE FIFTH COLLECTION

Who We Are

THE FIFTH COLLECTION is a leading online provider of world-class vintage fashion. Founded in 2014, we have built a reputation for uncompromising quality and outstanding customer service.

Our carefully curated collection looks beyond the four seasons dictated each year by the fashion industry to empower unique and original expressions of style. We see our customers as collectors: serious about style and continually curating their wardrobes; our aim is to cater to their needs.

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The C-Suite

Nejla Matam-Finn

The Editor-in-Chief

Nejla developed her taste for vintage as a child antiquing every Sunday with her mother in Paris’ world-renowned Marché aux Puces. She later studied marketing in Paris and became obsessed with fashion brand history, focusing her studies on the topic and becoming a self-described “brand geek”. She worked for a number of startups in Europe and luxury goods giant Richemont in Singapore, home for nearly a decade and where she is a proud P.R. After years of collecting for herself, she decided to share her passion with others.

When she is not pulling all-nighters for THE FIFTH COLLECTION, Nejla enjoys spending quiet time with her daughter, tending to her herb and orchid gardens on her balcony at home, and fake-spotting on reality TV shows.

Michael Finn

The Architect

Michael shares a deep appreciation for all things vintage, especially watches, travel posters and cars; he even specialised at one stage in finding and converting historical properties for luxury hotel groups, an extreme form of vintage collecting! After nearly two decades in Asia and a financial career investing in other people's businesses, including some of Asia startup success stories, he's excited to be on the other side of the table building a best-in-class business and shaping the future of vintage in Asia.

When he is not hustlin’ every day at THE FIFTH COLLECTION, Michael enjoys spending time with his daughter, discovering new music on Spotify and listening to podcast, and pretending he’s actually going to read that stack of business books by his bedside.